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SMTP Email to SMS Component

The Mobile Embrace SMTP Email Component (email to SMS) translates email messages into text messages. It does this by reading email messages from a mailbox and transmitting their content over the internet to Mobile Embrace using XML. The Mobile Embrace system translates it into text messages and forwards to the mobile networks. This provides functionality very similar to that of mobile networks’ own SMTP email gateways, but with many advantages, some of which are:

  • Security The email to SMS component uses only your internal systems for email and can be configured to encrypt the XML data that it sends over the public internet using industry-standard SSL encryption.
  • Reliability The email to SMS component only utilises email within your network, which should be much faster, more reliable and subject to far less filtering than external email. Because the email to SMS component sends data to the Mobile Embrace system as XML, rather than emails, it does not suffer from the problems of speed, reliability and filtering that affect email-based messaging systems.
  • Scalability Mobile Embrace invests in a highly available and highly scalable infrastructure to which each customer sends messages as XML, meaning that high message volumes are handled far more quickly than were the Mobile Embrace system processing each customer’s messages in email form.
2sms SMTP Email to SMS Component
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