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HTTP(S) GET Command

2sms customers can send SMS messages from their own web pages by forming a HTTP(S) GET command, using a query string to build up the information needed by 2sms in order to deliver an SMS message.

Username 2sms username
Password 2sms password
Phone Mobile phone number to which the SMS message is to be sent. (International number format preferred). US and Australian customers can enter 10 digit domestic mobile phone numbers, UK customers can enter 11 digit domestic mobile phone numbers.
Message The text message you wish to send. This can be greater than 160 characters; (longer messages incur additional costs and can use foreign language alphabets like Chinese and Arabic).
API ID action=sendmessage


Customers wishing to use HTTP(S) POST instead of HTTP(S) GET command should choose our XML services in place of this solution. Visit to learn more or ask technical questions.

Customers can send over HTTP or HTTP(S). We recommend HTTP(S) to ensure encryption of information sent to 2sms. Messages sent can be tracked on the web site or using our XML reporting services.

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