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Checkpoint Connectra R66 (VPN)

Checkpoint Connectra R66 allows VPN access to corporate IT systems. One option is to issue a single use SMS message each time a user logs in. If your organisation uses Checkpoint Connectra, you can use your 2sms account for the delivery of login PINs for the Connectra product.

What is Checkpoint Connectra R66?

Checkpoint Connectra is a unified remote access gateway solution which allows mobile and remote workers to connect easily and securely to critical resources while protecting enterprise networks from external threats. It provides VPN access for remote workers to Corporate IT systems. For more information on Checkpoint Connectra R66, visit

What is SMS authentication and how can I use it?

SMS authentication is a feature in Connectra R66 that allows organizations to enforce regulatory-compliant strong authentication through mobile phones instead of dedicated authentication tokens. SMS authentication uses the possession of a user’s mobile phone as secondary authentication (something you have), in addition to the password the user enters (something you know). After a user logs in, she or he is prompted by the portal to enter a passcode. That passcode is generated and sent as an SMS message from Connectra, via a SMS service, to her/his mobile phone. The user receives the message with the passcode and types it into the Connectra portal. If the sent and received passcodes match, the user is granted access to the VPN.

SMS authentication is good for any organization requiring strong authentication and has the ability to maintain a live database of user mobile phone numbers (for example in Microsoft Active Directory).

How we integrate with Connectra

Connectra offers the option of using SMS messages instead of authentication tokens. A SMS message is sent when the user starts the login process. This SMS message is a single-use code that cannot be passed on to another person.
The technical guide provides detailed setup information, but the process is basically an encrypted HTTPS GET command sent by Connectra to 2sms in order to initiate a SMS message to be send to the user's mobile phone.

Username 2sms username. Visit for a free trial account.
Password 2sms password
Phone Checkpoint Connectra will automatically populate this field with the value held for the user by Connectra. See technical guide for more information.
Message Checkpoint Connectra will auto-generate the SMS message.
API ID action=sendmessage
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