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SOAP / Web Services

These web services provide access to the core functionality of the messaging system allowing you to create your own applications that utilise text messaging and email. We provide two types of web services for you to use: Simple and Complex. Both of these contain the same functionality but require either the use of simple data types (e.g. string and integer) or complex data types (e.g. date/time and array). Follow the links below to see more about each type of web service and get a full service description.

All methods used in these web services require the following standard parameters:

Parameter Notes
Username: Provide the username of a registered account.
Password: Provide the password used to login to the account.
ResultText: Provide a string data type output parameter. When a method is executed this will be populated with readable text describing the outcome of the method. In the notes for each method there is an example of the ResultText that can be expected.
Code: Provide a string data type output parameter. This parameter will be populated with a code representing the outcome of the method. For a full list of codes please see the ResponseGenericErrorschema.

It should also be noted that any references to null in the documentation should be replaced by Nothing if you are programming in VB.NET.

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