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Two Way XML
What is 'Two Way XML'?

Our 'Two Way SMS' product allows users who have been assigned a dedicated virtual SMS number to receive incoming messages using our system. These messages can be received in a number of ways: by forwarding to a chosen mobile phone, to an email address, or by HTTP post to a URL of your choice. This section describes the form in which this information will be supplied if the XML option has been chosen.

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What is the meaning of the information supplied in the Two Way XML?

The XML Elements have the following interpretations:

  • 'inboundnumber' is the shortcode or long SMS number associated with your account. This is the virtual number we allocated to you when you signed up for the Two Way SMS service, and to which the current Two Way SMS was sent.
  • 'dateInsert' is the time at which our company received the message from the SMS network. This date is supplied in MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss format
  • 'inboundcli' is the number of the phone from which the Two Way SMS was sent. This number is in international format beginning with the country code (e.g. '44' for UK or '1' for US).
  • 'message' is the text that was sent in the current Two Way SMS message.

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