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Send SMS by FTP upload

If you do not wish to, or cannot, install any software on your machine you can send messages by uploading a plain text file to our ftp server located here.

We offer an automated process for sending business text messages into the SMS network using a text file upload system. Simply upload a text file to us using FTP, and our systems will process the file into text messages for you. The text file gives us your details, the message, an optional send date and time and destinations, as explained below.

The format of the required file is as follows:

id:<your Mobile Embrace id>
password: <your Mobile Embrace password>
message:test message number 1
message:this is the second message
sendtime:06/29/2005 16:30:00

This format parses id and password and then determines the message from the identifier 'message:'. Any international format phone numbers that follow, on successive lines, are sent the preceding message. If a send date and time are specified and lie in the future, the message is sent at that time on that date. Otherwise it is sent immediately. The file may then contain further 'message:' identifiers, each being sent to the recipient list that directly follows it.


1. Logon to the Mobile Embrace ftp using the following details:

2. Change directory to /incoming/.

3. Upload your text file, which must have a .txt extension.

4. Disconnect.

Your file, if correctly formatted, will be processed within 60 seconds. (We poll the ftp directory every 30 seconds).

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