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Email to SMS

With 2sms you can also send emails to generate SMS messages. Our email-based process allows customers to send formatted emails to Mobile Embrace for onward delivery to the text messaging (SMS) network. This service is primarily intended for server-generated alerts. If you have a bespoke monitoring system which is currently configured to send an alert email, you can use your system to generate an alert text message (SMS) by modifying your mail template.

Please note that this solution is intended only for relatively small numbers of 'generated' emails, with small distribution lists. Larger volumes should take advantage of our Mobile Embrace XML web services. Microsoft Outlook users should use the Mobile Embrace Microsoft Outlook SMS add-in. Lotus Notes users should use the Mobile Embrace Lotus Notes SMS application.


To :
Subject : <leave blank>
message:Hi there! This is message 1
message:Hi there! This is message 2

Technical notes

  • The email to SMS service is a client-side solution which does not require any changes to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Mobile Embrace also offers support for email objects such as CDONTS.
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