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We offer code samples to make it easy for you to plug in SMS functionality into your applications.

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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
do $file || die "Fatal Error: Can't load cgi library - $file\n";
use CGI qw(:all);
use LWP::UserAgent;
$ua = new LWP::UserAgent;
$ua->agent("AgentName/0.1 " . $ua->agent);   # Create a user agent object

#setup a few things first
my $user = "user\";   #username
my $pass = "MyPassword";     #password
#my $text=$in{text}; #text passed from previous form
#my $mobnum=$in{mobnum}; #mobile number passed from previous form as well

$text = substr($text,0,160); #just to make sure we dont get anything else in there

$myOutMsg = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>';
$myOutMsg .= '<Request xmlns:xsi="" ';
$myOutMsg .= 'xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="" ';
$myOutMsg .= 'Version="1.0">';
$myOutMsg .= '<Identification>';
$myOutMsg .= '<UserID>' . $user .'</UserID>';
$myOutMsg .= '<Password>'.$pass .'</Password>';
$myOutMsg .= '</Identification>';
$myOutMsg .= '<Service>';
$myOutMsg .= '<ServiceName>SendMessage</ServiceName>';
$myOutMsg .= '<ServiceDetail>';
$myOutMsg .= '<SingleMessage>';
$myOutMsg .= '<Destination>'.$mobnum.'</Destination>';
$myOutMsg .= '<Text>'.$text.'</Text>';
$myOutMsg .= '</SingleMessage>';
$myOutMsg .= '</ServiceDetail>';
$myOutMsg .= '</Service>';
$myOutMsg .= '</Request>';

print header, start_html("title of page"); #start the html of the page

my $req = new HTTP::Request POST => ''; #Create a request
$req->content_type('text/xml'); #form our header
$req->content($myOutMsg); #create the content
my $res = $ua->request($req); #Pass request to the user agent and get a response back

if ($res->is_success) { #Check the outcome of the response
    print $res->content; #you can comment this bit out if you want, it basically just prints the response from the server
    print"<center><font face=\"arial, verdana, helvetica\" size=\"2\">Your message has been sent</center></font>\n";
} else {
    print "<center><font face=\"arial, verdana, helvetica\" size=\"2\">There seems to be an error please hit your back button and try again</font>\n";
print end_html; #close of the html
exit; #exit.
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