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Business Text 'Return on Investment' Calculator
Return on Investment
Business Benefits - The 'Returns' Decision-Makers Need To Know

Traditionally, when top-management and business departments (IT, Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc.) discuss the ROI of a business investment, they are mostly thinking of 'financial' benefits. Today, business leaders also consider the 'non-financial' benefits of a business investment.

Financial benefits include impacts on the organization's budget and finances, e.g., cost reductions or revenue increases. Non-Financial Benefits include impacts on operations or mission performance and results, e.g., improved customer satisfaction, faster information distribution, improved productivity and improved efficiency.

Mobile Embrace products will benefit your business in both financial and non-financial aspects. Use the ROI calculator below to estimate the financial benefits. For non-financial benefits, please contact us by phone or email.

ROI Calculator

Fill out the form below and then press 'submit' to get your own personalized estimate of the savings possible. Press 'clear' to zero the values in the form.

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