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Two Way SMS

Two Way SMS service enables companies to receive inbound messages.

A unique mobile phone number will be allocated to you by 2sms. Replies from your outbound SMS messages, or simply just new inbound SMS messages are received on your allocated number. We then process the inbound response according to your instructions.

Inbound/Recipient responses can be captured and sent to:

  • Multiple mobile numbers
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Your personal SMS reports section on our website
  • Your data systems directly using XML

Now you can also route your Two Way SMS messages based on:

  • Mobile number the message has been received from
  • Keyword that the inbound message contains

Two Way SMS workflow

How 2way SMS works

Two Way SMS setup is easy and simple. Contact us and ask to speak to our support team about Two Way SMS and you will be ready to receive messages within minutes.

2way Rental Charges

Period Monthly (£) Total (£)
1 Year 15 180
3 Months 20 60
1 Month 25 25

Additional Charges

Action Cost
Inbound Two Way SMS message receipt 1 message credit
Forwarding inbound Two Way SMS to another mobile phone 1 message credit
XML post to remote domain to alert to SMS receipt 1 message credit
Forwarding Two Way SMS to groups SMS/email 1 nessage credit per destination
Web site reports to view traffic stats no charge
Online account maintenance no charge
Access to 0800 24/7 support line no charge

Credits are deducted from your account in the normal way after each transaction and can be bought by credit card or invoice

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