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Premium SMS has proved to be an extremely effective way of charging end users for mobile services. From the end user perspective, Premium SMS outperforms other micro payment systems because it is simple to use, easy to set up and available to anyone who has a mobile phone.

Mobile Embrace offers Shortcodes and Premium SMS services to business customers who wish to generate revenue from their customers.

Mobile Embrace works with the largest UK supplier of Premium SMS services to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Unique Shortcodes

Unique shortcodes are a 5-digit code that is only used by a single customer.

Messages sent by the customer are sent from a 5-digit shortcode, and replies to messages sent are routed back to the customer. The benefit of a unique shortcode is that no other organisation can use it, and there is no requirement for Keywords.

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Type Total
UK Set Up £750.00
UK Monthly £850.00
Non UK Set Up Call for Quote
Non UK Monthly Call for Quote
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