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Why GuardSMS?

Every day we learn on the news that a laptop, memory stick DVD or mobile phone has been found with sensitive information stored on it. As more devices allow people to send and receive emails, text messages, spreadsheets and documents, the risk of that information being released onto the internet rises.

How it works?

GuardSMS allows text messages of up to 3,500 characters to be sent to mobile phones with enhanced security features:

  • Messages sent are encrypted.
  • Messages are not stored on the mobile phone.
  • Messages can require a password to be read.
  • Messages can be set to be read once only, and then ‘dissolve’.
  • Messages cannot be forwarded to another phone.
  • You can tell if and when the message was delivered, and when it was read.

Benefits of GuardSMS

  • More security available than with email or standard SMS.
  • Full management of access control.
  • Message encryption to ensure no prying eyes.
  • Full audit trail on messages to prove who read your message.
  • Reassurance that your vital information is secure to ISO 27001 standards.

How secure messaging works

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