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Enhanced Long Messaging

The Problem

Text messaging is great for short messages of up to 160 characters. SMS can be made to offer longer messages, but there are several issues:

  • Not all mobile phones will display longer messages correctly.
  • Longer messages cost more money to send, typically the cost of one text message for every 147 characters in a long message.

The Solution

Enhanced long messaging allows text messages of up to 3,500 characters to be sent to mobile phones:

  • A business text message is sent to the mobile phone.
  • The text message has a web link on it.
  • The recipient of the message clicks on the link.
  • Clicking on the link opens the web browser on the phone, and fetches the long message for display on the browser.


  • Messages up to 3,500 characters can be sent.
  • You are only charged for 2 text messages, irrespective of message length, saving money.
  • You can tell if and when the message was delivered, and when it was read.
  • Full audit trail on messages to prove your message was read.
  • Archival of message to comply with new laws on storing organisation communications.

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