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2sms prides itself on offering competitive message rates, if you can find a cheaper like for like product please call us to discuss.

Send messages internationally for as little as 2.5p!

Regular pricing (exc. VAT)
UK (£)
Msg Qty Basic Monthly  Basic   Prepay   Regular   Monthly   Regular   Prepay 
1,000 6.25p 8.0p 8.50p 10.00p
5,000 4.90p 7.0p 7.50p 9.00p
10,000 4.50p 5.5p 6.00p 7.50p
50,000 3.65p 5.0p 5.50p 7.00p
100,000 3.45p 4.1p 4.60p 6.10p
200,000+ For larger bundles please contact us.

To see the differences between Basic and Regular prepay, please click here

Note: Customers will pay the price per message for the UK / Silver rate when purchasing.

Any international messages will be deducted from the message balance according to the country category. Bronze messages will be charged at 0.5 credits, Silver will be charged at 1 credit and Gold will be charged and 1.5 credits.
To see country groupings please click below:




Notes on pricing
  • Our messages are priced in .
  • The price you pay for your messages depends on how many messages you buy.
  • One message credit is used to send one 160 characters message to one mobile phone.
  • For messages longer than 160 characters, the price you pay depends on the length of the message.
  • Emails sent are priced at 0.5 message credits.
  • 2way replies messages carry some additional charges.
  • When using XML reporting you will be charged 0.25 credits per transaction.
  • For a quote on larger block sizes, contact us and ask to speak to a sales representative.
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